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  • Personal Trainer Loughton Essex
  • Personal Trainer Loughton Essex
  • Personal Trainer Loughton Essex
  • Personal Trainer Loughton Essex



    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results
    -Albert Einstein

    Effective Weight Loss and Body Transformations: made fun, interactive, driven by results and tailored to you.
    Joe Stoker, a personal trainer in Loughton, will help you achieve your body and fitness goals from reducing your weight and losing inches to revealing your muscles and sculpting the six pack you’ve always dreamed of.

    Joe Stoker is based in, but not limited to, Loughton Essex for personal trainer sessions then covering all surrounding areas for training activites. Joe is a highly qualified expert in weight management and body transformation having trained hundreds of different individual clients throughout Loughton and Essex, working with other top industry professionals he offers an unbeatable personal trainer service at an affordable price.

    From beginners to top athletes, from all walks of life, his proven track record has seen clients lose over 20 kg in weight, 6% of body fat in six weeks, prepare for competitions, matches and races and get each one into the best shape of their lives.
    Personal Trainer Sessions are based in Loughton and the surrounding areas within Essex and can take place anywhere from a gym (where membership is not required), in the fresh air, in a studio or at home depending on whatever works for you.

    Personal Trainer Philosophy

    Setting Training Goals

    Success involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART ) targets...

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    Loughton Personal Trainer Services

    Benefits of Personal Trainer

    In depth knowledge of training systems, motivation, building confidence, preventing injury, increasing strength and power...

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    Personal Training Packages

    Special Personal Trainer Packages


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    Personal Training Nutrition

    Nutritional Guidelines

    Eat smart and balanced Fats, Eat Protein and Vegetables with every meal, Take Carbs from low GI Sources, Drink Strictly Water and Green Tea...

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    Personal Trainer Profile:

    Joe Stoker is a highly qualified personal trainer in Loughton offering personal training to Loughton, Buckhurst Hill and their surrounding areas in Essex.

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    joestokerPT: @SharpesBarbers Good meeting you boys early. Decent haircut too! Will let you know about FIFA.

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    joestokerPT: RT @lukehaslett: In coaching it is so important that you are passionate about your trade. Let your ambition, work ethic and results do your…

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    joestokerPT: @danielkokun @Jamesholland00 @JimmyNoakes Haha in that case you can take us fat duck for your bday and treat us #bigtime

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    joestokerPT: It's extremely hard to become lean when you can't control stress.

    09/25/14 1:15 am

    joestokerPT: "Excessive cortisol can stimulate your appetite, causing over eating and cravings for sugary and high calorie fatty foods." #philrichards

    09/25/14 12:49 am

    joestokerPT: Set time based goals and be absolutely 100% committed to attaining them. Whether it's a financial goal, new car or weightloss.

    09/25/14 12:25 am

    joestokerPT: Improve your mindset, push yourself out of your #comfortzone and avoid negative people.

    09/24/14 6:20 am

    joestokerPT: Great exercises to try: -ab wheel rollout -kneeling cable crunch -band kneeling hip thrust -kneeling squat #loughtonpt #goldstandardpt

    09/24/14 4:15 am

    joestokerPT: @dave1langers Was going to pop in and get my haircut aswell today!!

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    joestokerPT: Nothing better to start your day than an intense workout. #ptsessions

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    joestokerPT: @PeriClaire Fancy dress Friday I expect a decent outfit from you!

    09/23/14 11:54 am

    joestokerPT: No time to cook your food? Hire a company to make and deliver your food, there are plenty of companies out there to tailor to your needs.

    09/23/14 9:11 am

    joestokerPT: Proper breathing techniques allow more air into the lungs and improves it's efficiency. #philrichards

    09/23/14 8:45 am

    joestokerPT: Important foods to add to your diet- >quinoa >spinach >lemons >greens beans >green tea #alkalise #nutrition

    09/23/14 5:35 am

    Personal Trainer Blog:

    Joe Stoker, the Blog of a Personal Trainer in Loughton! Coming Soon...
    My aim for writing this fitness blog will be to share my knowledge and experience over the last 10+ years of exercise to inspire and educate people to help achieve their physical goals. I love the job as a personal trainer in Loughton, I enjoy seeing other people succeed and gaining the self belief that anything is possible. If you work hard, have a plan, seek advice from someone who has already been there and done it, and you are willing to make sacrifices that others are not, then you can become the person you have always wanted to be.